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Tungsten Oxyfluorides

The oxyfluoride, WOF4, has been prepared by interaction of the oxychloride, WOCl4, with anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, and by heating tungsten trioxide with lead fluoride, bismuth fluoride, or cryolite. It forms small hygroscopic plates which are decomposed by water; it has the property also of absorbing in the cold half a molecule of ammonia, thereby becoming orange in colour.

Attempts to prepare the fluoride WO2F2 by similar methods were unsuccessful, though small quantities are formed by the action of water on the oxytetrafluoride; double compounds of the formulae 2KF.WO2F2.H2O, KF.WO2F.H2O, 2TlF.WO2F2, 3TlF.2WO2F2, and TlF.WO2F2 have, however, been prepared. The complex salt, luteocobaltic fluoroxytungstate, Co(NH3)6F3.2WO2F2, may be obtained by adding luteocobaltic fluoride to a solution of tungstic acid in hydrofluoric acid, and allowing to crystallise from the dilute acid solution. The crystals are stable at 110° C.

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