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Sodium tungsten bronzes

Sodium tungsten bronzes have been the subject of much investigation and many have been described. The following appear to be well-defined compounds: Na2W2O6. golden-yellow cubic crystals, density 7.28; Na2W3O9, reddish-purple octahedra, density 7.22; Na2W4O12, violet needles, density 7.195; Na2W5O15, blue cubic crystals; Na4W5O15, reddish-yellow crystals; and Na5W6O18, yellow cubes.

Engels has described a series of bronzes containing an alkali and an alkaline earth metal. These were prepared by electrolysis of the mass obtained by fusing commercial sodium or potassium tungstate with the calculated amount of metal carbonate.

2BaW4O12.3Na2W5O15, dark blue crystals.
BaW4O12.5Na2W3O9, yellow-red cubes.
BaW4O12.5K2W4O12, dark red pyramids.
SrW4O12.5Na2 W5O15, brilliant violet pyramids.
SrW4O12.12Na2W3O9, carmin-red pyramids.
SrW4O12.5K2W4O12, red pyramids.
CaW4O12.5Na2W5O15, violet pyramids.
CaW4O12.10Na2W3O9, purple cubes or pyramids.
CaW4O12.5K2W4O12, glistening red pyramids.

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