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Praseodymium Tungstate

Praseodymium Tungstate is obtained as a greenish-yellow gelatinous precipitate when the chloride is added to a solution of sodium tungstate; unlike the corresponding neodymium salt, its solubility in water increases with rise in temperature.

By boiling praseodymium hydroxide with aqueous ammonium paratungstate and evaporating to dryness, the complex salt, 2(NH4)2O.Pr2O3.16WO3.16H2O, is obtained as a green transparent gum. The corresponding barium and silver salts, having composition 4BaO.Pr2O3.16WO3.7H2O, 6BaO.Pr2O3.16WO3.9H2O, and 4Ag2O. Pr2O3.16WO3.8H2O, have also been prepared.

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