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Potassium Tungstocyanide, K4[W(CN)8]

Potassium Tungstocyanide, K4[W(CN)8].2H2O, may be prepared by the action of potassium carbonate on the cadmium salt, or by treating a solution of potassium tungsten chloride, K3W2Cl9, with potassium cyanide. It yields light yellow microscopic prisms, which lose all their water at 115° C. According to Olsson, 10 c.c. of water dissolve 13 to 14 grams of the salt at 18° C. The electrical conductivities of solutions containing one equivalent in v litres at 25° C. have been determined as follows

v =32641282565121024
Λ =118.8130.0140.6149.5159.8165.8

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