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Platinum Tungstates

Only complex salts are known. When platinic hydroxide is boiled with a solution of an alkali tungstate, yellow needle-shaped crystals separate which show the reactions of a paratungstate. The composition of the product is 5Na2O.2PtO2. 7WO3.35H2O, but it cannot be recrystallised and is probably a double salt of sodium paratungstate and sodium platinate, 3Na2O.7WO3 + 2(Na2O.PtO2).35H2O. By using paratungstates of the alkali metals, Gibbs obtained a series of crystalline products which appeared to be complex platino-tungstates. According to Rosenheim, however, they were alkali paratungstates containing occluded platinic hydroxide.

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