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Mercurous Metatungstate, Hg2W4O13

Mercurous Metatungstate, Hg2W4O13.25H2O (?), is obtained, according to Scheibler, on adding mercurous nitrate to the free acid or to an alkali metatungstate, as a white bulky precipitate which shrinks considerably on drying and assumes a lemon-yellow colour. Friedheim, however, was only able to obtain the paratungstate by this means, while Copaux by treating concentrated metatungstic acid with mercurous nitrate solution obtained crystals in which the ratio Hg2O:WO3 was equal to 1.7:4. A compound of composition 9Hg2O.24WO3.N2O5.29H2O was also obtained. This may be formulated as Hg8H2[H2(W2O7)6].HgNO3.12.5H2O, which is of interest in that the metatungstic acid exhibits a higher basicity than is usual.

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