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Lanthanum Tungstate

A solution of sodium tungstate yields with lanthanum chloride, in presence of alcohol, a precipitate which on drying has a pale blue colour. By dissolving lanthanum oxide and tungstic acid in fused sodium tungstate, the double tungstate, 4Na2O.La2O3.7WO3 or Na8La2(WO4)7, may be obtained after washing with water in which it is insoluble; if excess of sodium chloride is present in the melt, the salt obtained is 3Na2O.2La2O3.9WO3. The following lanthanitungstates have been prepared: 2(NH4)2O.La2O3.16WO3.16H2O, 5BaO.La2O3.16WO3.16H2O, and 5Ag2O.La2O3.16WO3.16H2O; these are white amorphous powders, insoluble in water.

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