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Cerium Tungstate, Ce2(WO4)3

Cerium Tungstate, Ce2(WO4)3, is obtained by mixing solutions of cerium sulphate and sodium tungstate and igniting the pale yellow precipitate produced. It yields crystals of density 6.514 at 12° C., with specific heat 0.0821 and melting-point 1089° C. It is also formed by adding cerium dioxide to fused sodium paratungstate and remains after washing with water.

The double tungstate, 4Na2O.Ce2O3.7WO3 or Na8Ce2(WO4)7, has been prepared by dissolving a mixture of cerium dioxide and tungsten trioxide in a fused mixture of sodium chloride and sodium tungstate, excess of the latter being present. An ammonium ceritungstate, 2(NH4)2O.Ce2O3.16WO3.2H2O, is obtained as a red transparent glass insoluble in water, when cerium hydroxide is boiled for eight hours with a solution of ammonium paratungstate, the mixture filtered, and the filtrate evaporated to dryness.

Yellow and red crystalline chlorotungstates have been produced by fusion of sodium tungstate and cerium chloride mixtures; and by the action of hydrogen chloride on tungsten and cerium dioxides.

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