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Cadmium Tungstates

The anhydrous normal salt, CdWO4, remains as colourless crystals when a mixture containing sodium tungstate (4 parts), sodium chloride (16 parts), and cadmium chloride (11 parts) is heated to complete fusion and allowed to cool. The hydrate, CdWO4.2H2O, is formed by double decomposition.

Cadmium paratungstate, 3CdO.7WO3.16H2O, is obtained, according to Gonzalez, as a white crystalline precipitate on mixing hot solutions of an alkali paratungstate and a cadmium salt. The crystals are infusible and become orange coloured after heating. Lotz, using ammonium paratungstate, obtained the double salt, 12CdO.3(NH4)2O.35WO3.35H2O, whilst from solutions containing molecular proportions of sodium paratungstate and cadmium sulphate at 80° C. von Knorre obtained white crystals of composition 2CdO.Na2O.7WO3.18H2O.

The tritungstate, CdO.3WO3.4H2O, is obtained as a white translucent gummy mass by mixing solutions of cadmium acetate and sodium tritungstate, and drying at 100° C.

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