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9-Tungsto-arsenic Acid

9-Tungsto-arsenic Acid, luteo-arsenotungstic acid, may be obtained by saturation of a boiling solution of an alkali arsenate with tungstic anhydride, and allowing the mixture to stand for several weeks until the reactions of the 12-tungsto-arsenate have disappeared; or by acidifying a solution of one of its salts and shaking out with ether according to Drechsel. The acid is isomorphous with the corresponding phosphoric acid and has composition


It melts at 26° C. Only the ammonium and potassium salts of this series have been prepared. These are obtained by adding arsenic acid to a boiling solution of alkali tungstate until the colour becomes deep yellow, and then treating with ammonium or potassium chloride. On evaporation the solution yields lemon-yellow crystals of composition

R2O.As2O5.18WO3.14H2O (R = NH4, K).

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