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17:2-Tungstophosphates, (P2O5:WO3 = 1:17) - By carefully neutralising a solution of 9-tungstophosphoric acid, or by treating a solution of an alkali 9-tungstophosphate with the corresponding alkali hydrogen carbonate, salts of this series are obtained. The potassium salt, 5K2O.P2O5.17WO3.22H2O, yields white satiny needles. The ammonium salt, 5(NH4)2O.P2O5.17WO3.16H2O, forms tabular crystals. A silver salt, of composition 5Ag2O.P2O5.17WO3.20H2O, is obtained in small tabular crystals by double decomposition. The constitution of these salts is not yet determined.

Other series containing less tungstic acid have also been described; for example, 6-tungstophosphoric acid and its salts, 2R2O.P2O5.12WO3.xH2O, and 7:2-tungstophosphates, 3R2O.P2O5.7WO3.xH2O. The work on these series is, however, inconclusive.

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